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The 4.3-inch touchscreen PND -- a rebrand of the Takara GP43, according to Navigadget -- comes with a 2GB SD card preloaded with US and Canadian map data and features the oh-so-popular SiRFStar III chip, a 400MHz Samsung CPU, Bluetooth, and MP3 and AVI support.
The cool kids might cruise in their cars on Friday nights, but you know we kick it old-school and troll the FCC database for hot new gadgets -- which is how this Capoint XROAD V4050 GPS turned up in our sights.
No word on pricing or availability, but that Takara unit sold in Europe for €500 ($719).

Geo-caching and maps mashup nerds: sit up and take notice. The connected GPS hardware startup -- fresh off its redesign and FCC approval -- is coming clean some new geo-feeds integration, which will allow the device to pull up custom geoRSS / KML feeds of user-generated points of interest over its cellular connection, as well as provide integration with certain open-API geo-services like Zillow (which allows you to check the property value of homes in the area -- or on the street -- you and your Dash are in). It's a slightly mind-bending paradigm shift from the static-database-on-your-GPS points of interest usage model we're all used to, so think about it this way: if your standard POIs are now handled dynamically through Yahoo search on the Dash, consider geo-feeds a user-generated extension of that, giving you and your Dash the ability to locate destinations based on the input of online communities.

Sanyo wants to navigate through this crazy world with you, or, more specifically, it wants you to navigate through this crazy world with its NV-HD880FT "Gorilla," a personal GPS rig sure to have even the most die-hard map users casting sideways glances. The new navigator features a massive 8-inch touchscreen, a 30GB hard drive, and dual TV tuners (12Seg / 1Seg and terrestrial). Additionally, the NV-HD880FT packs traffic updates, an FM transmitter, and emission reduction "thoughts" via the company's "Eco-Drive II information" (whatever that means). The navigator will be available in Japan on November 26th, for ¥225,750 (or around $1,956), no word on a wider release.


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