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The new Nissan Cube will be unveiled the morning of November 19 at the Los Angeles Automobiles Show, and the automaker has begun the buildup to its arrival. The Cube now has an official website, where you can count down the days and see more on the Cube art cars that design students prepared for the '08 New York Auto Show, among other things. Nissan's covering all the bases, also getting the Cube set up on Facebook and other social networking sites in the meantime.
We like the Cube a lot, and hope the new version keeps the character of the current Japanese vehicles intact while delivering power and fuel economy geared to appeal to the U.S. buyer. We don't think Nissan's going to botch this, so and shoppers looking to get their geek ought to have a strong candidate from Nissan. Not that it'll be without competition the Scion xB, Honda Element, and Kia Soul will all be vying for peoples' attention, too. Let the car lovers deathmatch begin. Thanks for the tip, Turkey Pie!


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