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Delphi's latest portable GPS device, the Nav300, has the usual satellite navigation abilities, and also packs in ZAGAT ratings, voice command control, Bluetooth connectivity, Text-To-Speech for street names, speed limit warnings, and a host of other features.
When not on the road, the Nav300 doubles as a media player, handling music and movies via an SD card, and the device also includes a built-in "matching game.
The NAVTEQ Map software includes not only the continental United States, but Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.
The Points of Interest feature includes branded icons, making finding fast food at a glance all the more easy.
The Delphi Nav300 is available now at for a base price of $399, or $499 including the lifetime Clear Channel traffic and weather alerts.
There's optional real-time traffic and weather information available through Clear Channel for an additional $100 fee for lifetime service, if purchased with the device.
The opt-in-later option costs $199.
Lane assistance and road sign alerts will show upcoming road signs and make sure drivers are in the correct lane to make a turn.
ZAGAT ratings access should be available in September.


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