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Telenav GPS Navigator (with Telenav Traffic) offers turn-by-turn directions, location-based services and re-routing around traffic jams.
Read our full review of the Telenav GPS Navigator (with Telenav Traffic).
Telenav has jumped on the bandwagon with a deal of $99 for an entire year of GPS Navigator service.
Get the $99 Telenav deal here.
I'll admit that I really liked the traffic function.
For my test routes around New Jersey and into Manhattan, the traffic-optimized routes worked well.
From our review: I tested TeleNav on a number of routes, both driven and simulated, to see how well it worked.
Route recalculation times after a missed turn were similar to those of a dedicated GPS device.
To be able to preview bottlenecks along your route is a nice feature, but to see just how slow the traffic is and how much of a delay you're likely to experience is priceless.
The web is just crawling with sales today--check out our Cyber Monday roundup on for proof.


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